The Future of Trucking & Transportation

Never before have we seen the rate of technological advancement as the world is currently experiencing. We now carry full computers in our pockets in the form of smartphones and can remotely set things like heating, air conditioning and TV recording while we’re away from our homes. Another area which will see huge transformation in the coming years and decades is the trucking, courier and transportation industry. Here at Pelican Carrying, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular forecasted trends in our industry below:

Autonomous Delivery

Self-driving trucks are a hot topic in the transportation industry today however the full impact of these technologies is still not fully understood. Companies in the US have already started running self-driving trucks along stretches of highway up to 1,000 kilometres long with great success. The streamlining of the trucking process will inevitably put more pressure on manufacturers to get goods to market faster to satisfy consumer demand. Self-driving trucks are also expected to all but eradicate the number of deaths involving trucks which are caused by human error each year.

Electric Vehicles

Diesel has long been considered the fuel of choice for industrial vehicles however this all looks set to change, and fast. By 2025, Paris, Madrid, Mexico City and Athens will have a total ban on diesel vehicles in their cities due to the air pollution they cause. Inevitably, the rest of the world will soon follow suit and electric vehicles are the obvious choice to succeed their diesel counterparts. The benefits of electric vehicles are plentiful and include zero exhaust emissions, lower maintenance costs, cheaper to run and quieter inside and outside, to name but a few.


While drones will likely become a key part of the delivery framework for food delivery companies and for delivering small packages from websites like eBay and Amazon in the coming years, their impact on the trucking industry will likely remain minimal as they will be restricted to carrying items which are light in weight for the foreseeable future.

Less Paperwork

Physical paperwork is slowly becoming a thing of the past and it’s expected to be heavily reduced in the transportation industry in the coming years. Computers and technology like apps have become standard procedure for delivery companies and this will only increase, to minimise the effects paper production has on our environment. In many industries, changes have been made to phase out paper altogether, including the NSW government’s paper travel tickets.

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