Give us a quick call and we will happily answer any queries you may have about transporting your goods however below are some questions which we get asked regularly

What types of products do you transport?

We transport a wide range of items including furniture, industrial supplies, retail stock, eBay purchases and much more. We have a vehicle fleet which is able to transport small to more bulkier items.

What Geographical Areas Do You Cover?

We transport goods for our clients from all areas of Newcastle and its surrounding suburbs, the entire Central Coast region and all suburbs Sydney-wide.

What Days Do You Deliver?

We deliver Monday to Friday every week except public holidays. Our business hours of operation are 5am until 5pm.

Do You Do Same Day Delivery

Mostly yes depending on location. Between Central Coast and Sydney (both ways) we do same day delivery and between Central Coast and Newcastle (both ways) we do same day delivery. Between Newcastle and Sydney (both ways) we do next business day delivery.

Will My Goods Be Transferred to a Depot First?

No, your goods will be delivered to their destination on the same truck which collects them. This may be different from other courier companies who use a depot or distrubution centre, which often results in delays.

How Is Your Pricing Calculated?

We calculate our pricing for your individual needs based on the size and weight of the goods, your pick-up and delivery locations and a couple of other small factors. Call us today and we will have an accurate quote for you in less than 60 seconds!

Do Pelican Charge a Fuel Levy

No! Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t charge a Fuel Levy. This makes our prices both cheaper and easier to understand for our customers

Are My Goods in Transit?

Yes they are. In the very unlikely event of anything happening to your precious cargo, everything is fully insured.

Do you courier Gumtree goods?

Absolutely! We often pick-up and deliver courier Gumtree goods including furniture, fridges and other large items.