5 Tips to Hiring a Courier

Let’s face it, hiring a courier can be tricky at times with many companies having different rules, regulations and ways of doing things. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of useful hints and tips to make transporting your cargo from one place to another as simple and stress-free as possible:

Different Types of Couriers

The type of courier that is right for you depends on the goods you need shipped along with the speed of delivery required. Many city-based couriers will only accept small to medium sized parcels to transport so if you have a large item or shipment, they may not be appropriate for you. Also, if you need same-day transport of your goods, make sure the courier you speak to can guarantee this. Here at Pelican Carrying we cater for medium to large goods and offer same day transport from and between Newcastle, Central Coast & Sydney.

Size Matters

Following on from the previous point, be absolutely certain that your courier will be able to accommodate a large shipment. For example, large pieces of furniture, pallets of stock and white goods will require a different courier company to an envelope or parcel. If you don’t check this with the courier, they may refuse to transport your goods but you may still be charged.

Not Every Item Can be Transported

If you have perishable, refrigerated, poisonous, hazardous or infectious goods you may need a specialist transport company who deals solely with these goods. Some items are strictly forbidden and can’t be transported under any circumstances whatsoever.

Pack Carefully

It’s imperative that your goods are packed correctly for transportation. While it can be time-consuming to ensure everything is packed and/or wrapped as it should be, the courier driver may refuse to transport goods which aren’t packed in the correct manner. Correct packing will also protect your goods in transit. Also, while courier drivers will handle and load your goods, we aren’t removal companies therefore professional packing may not be available or may incur an additional fee.

Don’t Rush

While some shipments may not be planned, or other transport may have fallen through and a last-minute courier is required, many shipments can be planned in advance and this should be done where possible. We recommend booking a courier at least 3 days in advance to avoid complications or difficulty finding a courier with availability.

Here at Pelican Carrying, we are a family-owned courier business servicing Newcastle, Central Coast and Sydney regions of New South Wales. We have been in operation since 1955 and would love to assist you with your transport needs in 2018 and beyond. For a no-obligation quote, based on your individual transport and courier requirements, from our friendly director Leon, please call or email us today.

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