5 Tips for Reducing Courier and Transport Costs in Sydney

Transporting goods isn’t cheap. Whether you’re moving a one-off item like some furniture or you run a business and transport stock on a regular basis, courier fees can be pretty costly in around Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast. As a family-run business, we understand that for many of our smaller client’s, profit margins can be tight, so we’ve compiled the below list for you to keep your courier or transport costs down without compromising on quality or service:

Plan Ahead

Being organised and booking a courier well ahead of time is a good idea. This allows the courier to build other clients around their journey which reduces the cost for all clients involved. If you book a courier last minute there will likely be an excess fee included as the transport company may be doing the route especially for you.

Be Accurate When You Describe Your Item

While it may seem tempting to undersell your item to try and get a cheaper price, this is definitely not recommended. If the parcel is larger than expected you may need to pay more or even worse, the courier may not have space to transport it! If you run a business which transports stock regularly such as an e-commerce business, we recommend investing in a shipping scales to weigh your parcels, so couriers can offer an accurate quote.

Be Wary of Excess Charges

Many couriers and transport companies in Sydney and Newcastle will charge a fuel levy on top of the quote for delivering your goods. These can be up to 14% of the cost of the job! Here at Pelican we are proud to say we do not charge a fuel levy to our customers. This makes our prices more competitive and simpler for you to understand. Win/Win!

Buy Your Packaging in Large Amounts

If you run an e-commerce business or sell products regularly through eBay or Gumtree, you should consider bulk-buying your packaging. This could result in huge savings compared to buying your packaging in small volumes or individually, often up to 50% cheaper from some suppliers. Planning ahead strikes again! This will also save you time and effort as you won’t have to order so frequently.

Think of the Associated Costs

There are more than just the postage/courier costs associated with having your items delivered, there is also the cost of your time along with fuel and parking fees if you drive to the post office frequently to drop your goods for shipping. If you run an e-commerce business like many of our clients here at Pelican, let us take the hassle out of the delivery process for you and save you money at the same time!

At Pelican Carrying we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations every day by offering superior quality and service at very competitive rates for courier and transport services between Sydney, Newcastle & the Central Coast of NSW. Give us a call today for a custom quote in less than 60 seconds. At Pelican Carrying, we say Yes!

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