Choosing The Right eBay Shipping Company

Selling your products on eBay is big business. It’s arguably Australia’s largest retail marketplace and given its huge traffic numbers every day and reasonable merchant fees, it’s a great way for Australian retailers to sell their products. However, if you run an eBay store you’ll know that postage and shipping can be an issue, particularly for large or bulky items. If you do operate an eBay store shipping in or between Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast of NSW then your eBay shipping prayers are about to be answered! Below are 4 reasons you should choose Pelican Carrying as your trusted eBay courier partner:


Whether its furniture or industrial materials, the buyer is going to want their purchase with them as quickly as possible. Here at Pelican we have a fleet of trucks on the road around Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast every single day. We will tell you when you book with us when the goods will be picked up and when they will be delivered. Our aim is to make your eBay shipping as fast and convenient as possible. For both you and your customer.


We understand that with retail products, profit margins can be tight. This means that you need to find an eBay courier partner who can deliver your goods at a competitive price without forsaking speed or quality of service. Look no further!


eBay stores live and die by the reviews they receive from purchasers and one of the biggest reasons for negative reviews is an unreliable eBay shipping. If your goods aren’t delivered on time or in the condition they were described, then you will have a very unhappy customer (and probably a bad review) on your hands. Pelican Carrying has been around for over 60 years. We have a large percentage of repeat business and we pride ourselves on looking after your goods as though they were our own.


Despite our rich heritage, Pelican Carrying is a locally-owned family business. This means we don’t have the bureaucratic issues and strict processes of some of the larger courier companies. In fact our director Leon will be your first point of contact when you enquire with us! Our mantra at Pelican is simple – ‘We Say Yes!’. This means that if we can help you in any way we will do whatever it takes to make you a happy customer.

Types of eBay stock we courier

These are just some examples of the goods we courier for our eBay shipping clients every day:

  • Furniture including beds, mattresses, tables, sofas, chairs, cabinets etc
  • Appliances and white goods such as Fridges/Freezers
  • Retail stock – many different kinds!
  • Industrial supplies
  • Packaging

We have many happy eBay vendor clients all around Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast selling a wide range of different products. To discuss how we Pelican Carrying can assist you as your eBay transport partner give us a call or send through an enquiry today. Our friendly director Leon will do everything in his power to ensure you become another happy Pelican Carrying customer!

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