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The Future of E-Commerce in Australia

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Here at Pelican Carrying, many of our clients run e-commerce businesses who sell their products online and utilise our services as a trusted delivery partner in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast of NSW. As a result, we keep abreast of e-commerce trends in Australia to deliver maximum benefit to our clients. This article outlines some of the expected trends which will shape the future of e-commerce in Australia:

Mobile Leads the Way

With close to 20 million mobile phone users in Australia, any business which sells goods, but doesn’t have e-commerce capabilities, is clearly missing a trick. Around 50% of people purchased a product from a mobile device in 2017, a number which is expected to continue to rise year after year.

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Good News for Small Retail Businesses

The future looks especially bright for small retail businesses in Australia. Research has shown upwards of 90% of Australians prefer buying local products, and the introduction of GST for international retailers has levelled the playing field somewhat for our local businesses. E-commerce juggernauts like eBay and the recently arrived Amazon are making it easier all the time for small retail businesses to operate without a brick and mortar store.

Faster Shipping

Humans are inherently impatient, and this is never as apparent as when it comes to online shopping. We live in a society of instant gratification and as an online retail business if you can’t keep up with your competitors when it comes to delivery times, your business will suffer as a result. The future of e-commerce success is partially based on how reliable your delivery partner is. Here at Pelican Carrying, we’re proud to offer same-day delivery for certain areas between Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

Bigger Emphasis on Live Chat

While it’s been around for quite a while, live chat is expected to become even more prevalent in the coming years. Many businesses have tried to fake it until now with bots programmed to answersimple questions, but consumers want the real thing; a conversation with a human in real time. If retailers prioritise live chat resources, they can expect to see sales and customer satisfaction

increase in the coming years.

Specialised stores gain the upper hand

Research has suggested that many Australian consumers prefer shopping on specialised, well-organised and curated online stores rather than huge department-store style websites. This is good news for small local businesses who sell a specific line of niche products to a certain demographic.

These are just some of the trends our e-commerce clients can expect in the coming months and years. If you’re looking for a reliable, fast, experienced delivery partner for your e-commerce business in Sydney, Newcastle or the Central Coast, please call or email Pelican Carrying today for a friendly, no-obligation conversation.

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