Pelican Carrying – The Right Partner for your Business Relocation Needs

Relocating your business to a new premises can be a hugely daunting task. It often takes months of planning and preparation to ensure the relocation goes smoothly and entirely to plan. If your business is relocating in Sydney, Newcastle or the Central Coast and you need a reliable and experienced transport company to assist with the logistics of the move, Pelican Carrying is the business for you! Below are some reasons we are the perfect partner for your business relocation move:

Our History

Pelican Carrying has been in operation since 1955 servicing commercial and private clients in and between Sydney, Newcastle and the central coast. Succeeding for this length of time is primarily down to the service we offer our clients. We’ve experienced pretty much any contingency you can think of and more importantly overcome it quickly and successfully.

Our Size

We’re not a faceless multi-national transport company. We’re a passionate family-owned business employing local staff who know and love the areas around Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast. Our business relies on repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals to continue to thrive, so we make sure we go above and beyond every time, transporting your goods as though they were our own. Our Director Leon works in the business every day and will often be the first point of contact when you contact Pelican for a no-obligation quote. You can’t get much more hands-on than that!

Our Business Relocation Expertise

When relocating a business, there are many different types of items which need to be transported. These include furniture, fragile items like computers and servers, white goods and files and documents to name just a few. Thankfully, we have a fleet of vehicles which are a perfect fit for transporting all these items and more, to make your office or other business relocation as seamless as possible ensuring minimal downtime for your business.

Our Professionalism

At Pelican, we are very serious about the promises we make to our clients around things like the safety of their goods while in transport and delivery times. We will not overstretch ourselves and make promises we can’t keep, so if we say your goods will be at their destination at a certain time, they will be!

Our Prices

If all the above wasn’t enough of a reason to book Pelican Carrying for your next business relocation, then hopefully our competitive pricing will be! Unlike most of our competitors in the courier and transport space in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast, we don’t add confusing fuel levies to our fees. This means the price you are quoted for a job is the end price you will pay avoiding any unexpected additional charges at the last minute.

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