How to Package Glass and Mirrors for Transport

Here at Pelican Carrying we often get enquiries from customers who need to move different types of glass including large mirrors, windows or panes of glass from furniture like tables, who are concerned about preparing them correctly to survive the transit to their destination unscathed. We have transported plenty of glass around Sydney, Newcastle and the central coast since 1955 so below are some of our best tips for ensuring your valuables make it to their new home safely:

Packaging Glass for Transit

Whether you’re transporting glass for commercial or private use, it’s critical to prepare it sufficiently. To do this, it’s important to have the appropriate packing materials. These include a strong box, or boxes depending on the quantity of glass, ideally a brand-new cardboard box. Firstly, wrap the glass items tightly in paper (old newspaper will do) and don’t do it sparingly! Next you will need some bubble wrap, again generously wrapping the glass item(s) using packaging tape to keep it in place. A transport industry secret is then to use cling film which compacts the bubble wrap even more. Finally, pour a generous amount of foam packaging peanuts into the base of the cardboard box before placing the glass item(s) on top.

Sealing the Box

Once the item is in the box it’s time to fully secure it. Pour foam peanuts in around the item so it fits snugly and doesn’t move. Once you feel this is done, hold the cardboard box closed and shake it allowing any loose foam to fall down into the box. Top up the empty space and repeat until there is no more movement when shaking. Once this happens, it’s the last step – time to seal it up! Take your packaging tape and stick a generous length of it across the central seam of the box. Generously secure the top of the box with tape resulting in an overall ‘H’ shape in tape. If in doubt, add more tape! Write ‘Glass – Fragile’ on the box and if necessary add shipping details to the outside and voila, your glass is now ready for Pelican Carrying to take it to its new home!

Here at Pelican Carrying we take great pride in transporting our client’s goods as if they were our own. The safe transport of glass items relies greatly on the professionalism and gentle handling of the couriers handling it and with over 60 years in business, we’ve got that part down-pat! For transporting glass or any other items around or between Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast, call or email Pelican Carrying for a quick, no-obligation quote. At Pelican, we say yes!

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