Finding a Courier Partner for your E-Comm Business

Finding A Courier Partner for Your E-Commerce Business in New South Wales

We live in a digital age where many people now buy goods online rather than going in-store. Steep retail rents, wages and overheads make it financially un-viable for smaller businesses to trade in a bricks and mortar capacity any more. This has resulted in many entrepreneurs setting up their own e-commerce business serving niche markets to get a piece of the lucrative retail pie and create a lifestyle for themselves which wouldn’t have been possible a few short years ago. Many Sydney-siders who run these businesses, primarily from home or small warehouses, often relocate to the Central Coast of NSW to enjoy a higher standard of living at a lower cost. Inevitably however much of their customer base will be located in the more heavily populated areas of Sydney and Newcastle. Below are 3 shipping tips to nail the delivery process for your e-commerce business every time:

Provide Free Shipping Wherever Possible

Free shipping is a massive selling point when it comes to online shopping. It can be the difference between someone putting their card details in for that $300 haul or leaving an abandoned cart in their wake. Consider free shipping as a loss leader, build it into your retail prices or even only offer it over a certain transaction amount, but it really could be the difference between your e-commerce business thriving or dying.

Find a reliable courier partner

This may seem obvious however retail margins are tight, and many businesses may opt for the newest or cheapest delivery partner in a bid to keep costs down. The key to running a profitable e-commerce business is keeping a customer returning to buy more products for a long period of time. Late or failed delivery, or even worse broken or damaged goods will effectively eliminate the chance of repeat business and probably leave that customer bad-mouthing your business to others. Word travels fast in Newcastle, Central Coast and even Sydney and your brand will live and die on its reputation.

Offer Realistic Delivery Times

Following on from the point above, ensure you are offering realistic delivery timeframes and that you are communicating these effectively to your courier company when dispatching the items to them. Being too ambitious and promising same-day delivery of an item, which can’t be delivered until the following morning for example, is going to have your company phone ringing with angry customers on the other end!

If you’re an e-commerce business with clients in Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast of NSW looking for a reliable and cost-effective delivery partner then give Pelican Carrying a call or send us through an email today. At Pelican, we say Yes!

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