Courier Companies – Are they all the same?

You may be mistaken for thinking that all courier companies are the same that they simply deliver goods from A to B and there is no difference between competitor x and competitor y. However, this isn’t the case and a bit of research will soon reveal that a great deal of things can vary from company to company. For instance, some courier companies will charge fuel levies and others will not. You may also find the some courier companies after pick-up will transport the carrying goods to their depot impacting the timing of delivery.

There’s some basic due diligence to be made when looking at hiring a logistics company. Here’s some basic things to keep in mind:

  • Pricing – Usually courier companies will have different pricing structures according to weight and size of goods being carried. However, some may operate differently and there may even be some hidden costs that aren’t visible on the website. It’s worth scoping out the pricing structures, and get an accurate quote. If the information on the website isn’t transparent enough always give them a quick call
  • Delivery Times – Have you ever had a company promise overnight delivery only to be waiting a week and still the goods haven’t arrived. This is often a common frustration that we hear from our customers, who have opted for a cheap and cheerful service only to be disappointed. We are also upfront and honest with our customers. Of course, there’s sometimes things that are outside a courier companies control such as adverse weather conditions or mechanical failures with fleet vehicles. But, we will always keep our clients informed if anything happens that may impact delivery times.
  • Fuel Levy – As previously mentioned some companies will not be open about if this is included in the price. We don’t included a fuel levy in our pricing, but others may do and might not be so upfront about it.
  • Insurance – A very big point for many customers in deciding who to go with might is usually insurance and the coverage of carried goods. We offer insurance for our transportation solutions, so you can have piece of mind that your goods are insurance should anything happen whilst they are in our care.

Always read the fineprint, and if in doubt make sure to call the courier company. At Pelican Carrying and Gosford Couriers we’re always happy to take your questions about our logistic solutions.

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