Choosing the Right Freight Forwarding Company in Sydney and Newcastle

If your business relies on a freight forwarding company as part of the supply chain, its imperative to choose the right freight forwarding company for your needs. Pelican Carrying is a transport and freight forwarding company operating in and between Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast of New South Wales. To help your business choose the right freight forwarding company, we have compiled the below questions to ask potential suppliers:

Is the freight forwarding company capable of transporting your range of products? This may sound like an obvious question but its important to press your potential freight forwarding supplier about their experience transporting products like yours. Do you have any temperature or specific handling requirements? If so its important to identify whether or not your new supplier is capable of meeting these before engaging them.

What are their delivery timeframes like?

To ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the entire supply chain process it’s critical that the delivery timeframes of your chosen freight forwarding company are in line with your expectations and needs. At Pelican we are very clear about the delivery timeframes at the time of booking and take them very seriously meaning you won’t need to plan for contingencies because of an unreliable transport company.

What is the level of customer service like?

Another hugely important factor in the success of your relationship with a freight forwarding supplier is the quality of their customer service. How responsive are they to your requests? Are they flexible with changes if needed? Here at Pelican, we are a family-owned business and have been in operatin since 1955. The success of our business relies heavily on the quality of the customer service we provide and the personal manner in which we do business.

Do they have references from current clients?

Following on from the previous point, it can be easy for a company to proclaim themselves to be the best around but can they back this up with glowing client referrals? Any company worth their salt in any industry should be able to offer some names and numbers of current clients similar to your business with whom they have a successful relationship. At Pelican we are only too happy to offer references when required.

These are just examples of some questions to ask when your business is choosing a new freight forwarding partner. If you are in the market for a a new transport supplier and are located in Sydney, Newcastle or the Central Coast please call Pelican Carrying today for a no-obligation quote. We look forward to speaking to you!

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