Hiring External Freight Companies

Benefits of Hiring External Freight Companies Versus In-House

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One conversation we have with clients a lot is around the pros and cons of using an external freight company like Pelican Carrying to carry stock from one warehouse to another instead of them having their own trucks to do this. We serve businesses from Newcastle all the way down the NSW Central Coast and the enti

rety of Sydney.

What is warehouse to warehouse freight transport?

Many Australian businesses have warehouses where they store goods which have either been manufactured here in Australia or have been imported from overseas. These goods are then sold on to end users or distributors and must be transferred to the warehouses of these parties for further distribution/dispatching. Warehouse to warehouse is also known as business to business freight transport.

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What are the benefits of using Pelican Carrying as the transport company for your warehouse to warehouse requirements?

  • Cost: If businesses have their own fleet of trucks to transport their freight from one warehouse to another it can be hugely expensive when purchasing, maintaining, insuring, fuelling and storing the vehicles is taken into consideration along with driver’s salaries etc. Unlike many of our courier competitors who charge a fuel levy on top of a set fee, Pelican Carrying does not charge this extra levy making us extremely price competitive in our market.

  • Reliability and Experience: Pelican Carrying is a family business which has been around for over 60 years. We pride ourselves on saying yes to our clients’ requests and our drivers genuinely treat your precious cargo as though it was their own. We also make sure that your goods will be at their destination when we say they will be!

  • No Double Handling: When Pelican Carrying collects the goods from your warehouse, they are delivered to their final destination on the same truck on the same day with no unloading and re-loading onto different trucks or storing at another warehouse. This hugely reduces the likelihood of accidents or breakages caused by constant loading and unloading and also minimises the time it takes for your delivery to reach its new home.

  • Flexible Fleet: We have large and small trucks depending on our clients’ individual needs and requirements. We also have tail-gate lifters to load and unload without forklifts and advanced fastening systems to ensure your goods arrive in perfect condition!

What type of goods will Pelican Carrying transport from warehouse to warehouse?

We have clients in all of the below industries however these are just examples, please call us to discuss your industry and needs:

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Packaging
  • Food (Not Refrigerated)
  • Chemicals
  • Furniture
  • Cardboard
  • Flooring
  • Many More!

To discuss your business to business freight requirements please call Pelican Today to speak our director Leon about your needs. Remember, at Pelican we say yes!


Benefits of Hiring External Freight Companies Versus In-House
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Benefits of Hiring External Freight Companies Versus In-House
What are the benefits of hiring external freight companies, versus doing it in-house. The answers are laid out in this article. Find out about warehouse to warehouse delivery services today!
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