5 Questions to Ask Your Courier

If you need goods transported, it’s important that you choose the right courier for the job. The repercussions of those goods not arriving on time or, even worse, arriving damaged could have a big effect on your businesses reputation. We have outlined below 5 of the most important questions you should ask your courier before hiring them:

How long have you been in business for?

In the era of fly by night businesses in many industries, couriering and transport is no different. You are trusting this business to securely transfer valuable goods from one location to another so their reputation should be one of the most important considerations. How long have they been in operation? Have they reference clients you could speak to? Are they used to carrying goods like yours? These are examples of some questions which any reputable company should have no problem answering.

Will My Goods Be Insured in Transit?

Any reliable courier or transport company will have insurance which covers the goods being transported in the unlikely event of an accident or another unforeseen event which has a detrimental effect on the goods. We are happy to discuss our insurance with any of our clients before you hire us, for your peace of mind.

How are your prices calculated?

It’s important to understand how different Australian courier companies calculate their prices. Many take into account size, weight, distance, nature of the goods themselves, how easy the goods are to load and unload etc. Depending on the individual transport company’s calculation methods you may pay more than you should. We are very transparent about our pricing and how it’s calculated at Pelican Carrying.

Do You Charge a Fuel Levy?

Many transport companies here in Australia charge a fuel levy on top of their fee for couriering goods. This not only makes the price more expensive but also makes the pricing structure more complex and confusing for their clients. Here at Pelican we do not charge a fuel levy making things cheaper and simpler for you!

Do you do on-time delivery?

You may have a strict deadline for your goods to be delivered which will throw off other timelines if it’s not met. If that’s the case it’s imperative the transport/courier company you choose are serious about on-time deliveries. Find out if it’s same day delivery, what other jobs are in the queue for delivery before yours, if the goods will change trucks or be delivered on the same truck which collects them etc. Any reputable courier company will have no problem committing to on-time delivery and answering these questions, in fact they’ll pride themselves on their transparency to their valued customers.


You have done everything right for your client so far from efficient order processing to great customer service. The difference between that client becoming a lifelong customer and referring their contacts to use you too, lies in the goods being delivered on-time and in optimum condition. At Pelican Carrying we aim to exceed our customers expectations every day by offering superior quality and service at very competitive rates. We’ve been around since 1955 so know a thing or two about delivering goods between Sydney and Newcastle and all over the central coast. Give us a call today for a custom quote in less than 60 seconds. At Pelican Carrying we say Yes!

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