4 Tips for Transporting Large Furniture

Whether you’re relocating or selling off some second-hand furniture, transporting it from one place to another can be tricky. While we can safely transport your white-goods and furniture to their new home in Sydney, Newcastle or the Central Coast, below are some tips on how to get your items transport-ready without damaging either the furniture itself or your property in any way:

Use the High-Low Technique

Tall items such as wardrobes, long tables and dressers can be difficult to manoeuvre given their weight and height. Using the high-low technique, one person holds one end of the piece of furniture higher up while the other end is held lower down by a second person. This has the benefit of centring the weight and preventing the item from swinging out of control. It’s particularly useful for navigating up or down stairs as the angle of the item is usually at the same angle as the stairs themselves.

Sliding is your Friend!

Heavy items such as filing cabinets, desks or metal safes can be especially difficult to move. You don’t want to ruin the wooden floors or tear the carpet by dragging them but there is another option – the slide! For wooden floors place thick blankets or towels under the items and for carpeted areas try thick pieces of cardboard, rubber or plastic. This will help the heavy items glide over the floor protecting the items themselves, the floor and your own health due to far less physical exertion required than if you were to carry the item.

Stand That Couch on End

Moving couches can be tricky given their shape but the trick is to stand them vertically and hook them through doors. Slide them to the door using the tips for sliding above and stand them up with one side on the floor and one side close to the ceiling. Lead with the back part of the sofa (where you would rest your back when sitting) and manoeuvre it through at an angle. This is also useful for large armchairs etc.

Push or Pull?

While pushing a heavy item may seem like the obvious choice, its often easier to just pull it instead. Lay it on the ground with protection underneath and squat down keeping your core tensed to protect your lower back and pull it slowly towards you. This allows greater control over where the item goes reducing the likelihood of damaging the item itself or walls etc.

These are some tips for preparing your furniture to be transported to their next destination. Here at Pelican Carrying we have been in the business of transporting your furniture, white goods and many more objects for over 60 years. We serve all areas of Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast and offer extremely competitive rates on top of exceptional levels of service. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote for all your courier and transport needs!

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