4 Tips for Transporting Fragile Goods Around Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast

Here at Pelican Carrying, many of our customers contact us as they need to transport fragile objects or stock and they are unsure of the best ways to prepare it for transit. There can be huge repercussions, both financial and/or sentimental if your fragile objects don’t arrive at their destination in the intended condition. As a result, we recommend you read this blog article immediately if you’re planning to have fragile goods transported in Sydney, Newcastle or the Central Coast and take heed of the advice offered:

Overdo the protective packaging

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protective packaging for your fragile goods. If you ship regularly, it’s no harm to have an abundance of padding on hand and you can save money by ordering it in large quantities. Some items we recommend to safely and securely pack fragile items include sturdy cardboard boxes, polystyrene chips, bubble wrap and even blankets or pillows for objects like TVs etc. Always ensure that the goods are packed tight, so they have no space to move around in transit. Write ‘Fragile-Handle with Care’ on the box in huge letters in an eye-catching colour like red, so those handling it can’t miss it!

Watch the Orientation!

Certain fragile items should be placed in a particular position to reduce the chances of unwanted damage in transit. If you have a top-heavy item such as a glass cabinet which is on legs, consider flipping it upside down so most of the weight is now on the bottom. If you’re moving items which may leak such as fridges, ensure that they’re placed the right side up. Always write in big bold letters on the packaging which direction the object should be facing.

Check Everything Twice

Ensure your item has no damage before packing it and the same goes for the packaging itself which you’re going to use. Make sure there are no tears or weaknesses in cardboard boxes for example and the corners aren’t squashed in. Once the item is securely packed, ensure there is more than enough tape to hold the goods inside, especially if you’re transporting something heavy. The last thing you want is the bottom to fall out as soon as it’s lifted!

Call Pelican Carrying!

Arguably the best tip we can give is to call Pelican Carrying for transporting fragile items in or between Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast of NSW. Our team have decades of experience moving fragile objects and will transport your goods as if they were their own, to ensure they make it to their destination safely and quickly every time.

Here at Pelican Carrying, we’re a family-owned business and we’ve been around since 1955, meeting the courier and transport needs of the people and businesses of Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast. For a quote in under one minute, give us a call or send us through an email enquiry today. At Pelican, we say yes!

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