3 Ways to Reduce Shipping Costs for Small Businesses in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast

Here at Pelican Carrying, many of our clients are repeat customers who run small businesses selling various products and need a reliable ongoing delivery partner. Many of these businesses sell via their websites exclusively so reducing shipping costs is crucial! Effectively minimising shipping costs can have a huge impact on profit margins over time and below are some tips on how your business can reduce delivery costs in Australia:

Watch Your Packaging

The perfect place to start looking at ways to reduce costs on shipping is the packaging you use. While it’s important to ensure your goods are packaged in a way that they’ll be secure in transit, it’s easy to overdo the packaging which costs more money to buy and ultimately weighs more which can also affect the shipping cost, especially when compounded over time. Research different options of packaging and their suppliers regularly to ensure you’re getting the best deals in that area. It’s also worth bartering with packaging suppliers for discounts if you buy in bulk.

Delivery Carriers are Key

The price differences between transport companies can be vast. At Pelican Carrying, we don’t charge fuel levies for example which many of our competitors do, making our prices far simpler to understand and generally more reasonable too. We are a family-owned business operating since 1955 in and between Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast. Along with the attractive prices we charge, local businesses like Pelican offer a far more personal experience and we take great pride in delivering your goods as carefully as if they were our own. At Pelican, we say Yes!

Consolidate your deliveries

Rather than shipping your deliveries in an ad-hoc manner, create a structured schedule for deliveries to maximise bang for your buck with the courier company. Perhaps all deliveries going to Newcastle go one day, the Central Coast another day and Sydney a different day. We will happy help you with this and advise the best ways to minimise shipping costs, assisting in any way we can.

While these are some general tips for how your Australian small business can reduce shipping or delivery costs, to give specific advice for your business, we’d need some more information about your setup and delivery needs. Give us a call today to discuss your situation and how Pelican can help transport your goods from your warehouse or shop to your customers all over Sydney, Newcastle and the central coast, cutting costs in the process!

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