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The world is a tremendous place, both in size and in accessibility. While the classic Disney song assures us that “it’s a small world after all”, those who do business globally would be quick to point out that the world is, in fact, massive. The logistics and challenges of shipping and transporting goods and equipment overseas can be wholly overwhelming, and the pressure of delivering freight on the other side of the globe can seem insurmountable.

At Pelican Carrying, we specialise in air freight and sea freight shipping and delivery services. As a courier transport company that services the Sydney, Central Coast, and Newcastle areas and beyond, our sole focus is the facilitation and delivery of your goods to anywhere across the vast expanse of the planet. Reliable, efficient, and professional, we are committed to ensuring your freight gets where it needs to be, whether by air or sea.

While Freight Forwarding is one of the most convenient and efficient services provided at Pelican Carrying, it often misunderstood. As some organisations seek the assistance of a freight broker to organise the movement of product overseas, it is Pelican Carrying who will arrange and facilitate the actual shipment of the freight. Confused? You’re not alone. To help shed light on this convenient and worry-free method of shipping, we will layout the Freight Forwarding process.

  1. Through their freight broker, a company will identify the products that need to be shipped overseas.
  2. The freight broker will be responsible for the logistics of the entire shipping process.
  3. Pelican Carrying is contacted by the freight broker to facilitate the physical shipment, loading, and unloading of the freight.
  4. Pelican Carrying then identifies the optimal shipping method, either air freight or sea freight.
  5. Pelican Carrying arranges the specifics for the pick-up of the goods or products with the company.
  6. Once picked up by Pelican Carrying, the products are loaded, and the freight is forwarded on to the final destination.
  7. Pelican Carrying will monitor the shipment and pick up the products at the predetermined destination.
  8. The products are delivered by Pelican Carrying to the final destination.

Simple. Efficient. Stress-free.

For many customers, regular shipments require recurring arrangements. Pelican Carrying offers regular pick-ups, deliveries, and freight forwarding services for clients who have a steady stream of product that needs to be shipped. While Pelican Carrying specialises in pallet freight, we are able and happy to accommodate other freight as well.

The world is a large place, but with the freight services of Pelican Carrying, we can make it feel a little smaller by delivering your products globally. Interested in how we can help you? Contact us today for services, availability, and quotes!

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