Marketplace Websites

Ebay Businesses, Gumtree & E-Commerce Websites

We understand the importance of providing an efficient and reliable courier delivery services for your online business. In the world of E-Commerce prompt deliveries can really mean the difference between sink or swim. This is why Pelican have worked hard to ensure we fulfil our promise and deliver goods on time.

Ebay Powersellers

Do you have your own Ebay Store and are struggling to find a reliable courier. We work with a number of Ebay PowerSellers, and they value our reliability. We also go above and beyond for our Ebay PowerSellers. So if you need a prompt and reliable courier delivery service, look no further than us!

Gumtree Sellers

Gumtree is a great marketplace for selling bulkier items such as heavy furniture, fridges, TVs etc. Our fleet can handle bulkier items and our trained staff have plenty of experience in handling larger items. If you need a courier service that is fully insured and can handle larger, bulkier items why not give us a call?

E-Commerce Websites 

Are the larger companies letting your online business down? If you’re not getting the service you expected from others, maybe it’s time to give us a call. A number of our clients are running E-Commerce websites and have been using our delivery services for their products for a number of years. We are agile, reliable and affordable. If you need to up your game by getting a reliable courier, then Pelican could be just what you need.